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Considered among the top hygienic paper manufacturing groups in the world, Fine Hygienic Holding specializes in sanitary product manufacturing and innovative hygienic solutions. The company has a long history and illustrious heritage, as it was the first Jordanian company to enter the industry in 1958. Under the Nuqul Group umbrella, which compromises 30 local, regional, and global companies that form the operational nucleus, Fine Hygienic Holding plays an instrumental part in developing various sanitary products to achieve its goals of creating “a happier world” and becoming the ideal and preferred daily partner of consumers around the world. The company’s objectives and core values are apparent in its wide and continuous institutional and societal success.

As part of its long dedication to adhere to the highest health and safety standards and the latest environmentally-friendly practices, Fine Hygienic Holding relies on its patented ‘Steripro™’ sterilization method and its ‘No Touch’ mechanism. These innovative techniques guarantee the highest levels of sterilization and quality for consumers, as the products go through the entire production process without ever being touched by a human hand. Moreover, our incontinence care products are designed with the ‘Dermapro™’ technology, to give consumers high quality diapers for best skin care. As testament to the company’s sustainability efforts, its products are made with 100% virgin tree pulp, which the company preserves by planting five trees for each tree used in the production process.

Fine Hygienic Holding continues to push for expansion to enhance its presence and market penetration, which currently serves over 45 regional and global markets including the Middle East, the United States of America and Europe.

As an inevitable consequence of its efforts and commitment to unmatched quality, “Fine Hygienic Holding” was awarded the Chain of Custody Certification (CoC) award, which allows it to place the Forrest Supervision Council (FSC) insignia on its packaging globally. In addition, the company was awarded with the ISO Quality Control Certificate ‘ISO 9001:2000,’ the ISO Environmental Management Certificate ‘ISO 14001:2004,’ and the ISO Safety and Occupational Health Certificate. Further achievements worth mentioning are the King Abdullah II Excellence Award; which the company won 4 times, the Aon Hewitt Award; classifying it among the top 15 employers in the Middle East, and the Superbrands Award; which the company won twice in a row in recognition of the elite industrial status the company achieved both locally and regionally. Finally, in a Forbes Magazine poll that resulted in naming the Top 40 Arab Commercial Brands, the group placed ninth overall.

In regards to its corporate social responsibility program, the company has well established itself with its ‘Khair Al Koura” program — a benchmark for similar programs in the future–, which the company established in Al Koura district in Irbid. With this program, the company implemented its vision and philosophy for supporting local communities. This philosophy manifests itself in the development of projects which tackle obstacles that hinder social progress, helping to create new and sustainable employment opportunities and provide educational and qualification opportunities that build and enhance personal skill sets. Finally, these projects contribute to the development of all sectors of society by guaranteeing social progress and mobility, leading to a more socially advanced community.


For more information please visit the Fine Hygienic Holding website.

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