PR Industry: Evolution and Paradigm Shift

Medium defines communique and every brand should understand its strategic value. The PR industry too has rapidly begun adding skill sets and offerings to deliver a holistic communications solution. Yes, the PR industry in this part of the world is witnessing a paradigm shift.

Today’s digital communication dominated by social media is undoubtedly the most obvious and biggest trend that every brand embraces. However in this social media driven world, perceptions are short-lived and corporates have to play a hyperactive role to engrave an impression in consumer mind space. Creating a desired perception requires continuous efforts while negative impressions just take a mishap to leave a long lasting impact.

No doubt social medium has provided multiple channels for brand delivery and perception but it has also democratized opinions of perception builders. Therefore the biggest challenge that every PR practitioner now faces is the resultant effects. Today’s target audiences are fortunately or unfortunately exposed to information overload that stimulates indecisiveness and promotes dependency on social media. Consumers have the liberty of ‘experiencing’ every product online and share/call for reviews which may not necessarily result in brand loyalty. Dealing with the variety of channels and using it to a client’s benefit is a herculean task for PR agencies.

Paid media and advertisements too muscle for space in the PR industry. So while it is important to be on the right channel at the right time, it has also become even more essential to ensure that communication is delivered in the right measure to avoid bombardment of the same message from all channels.

Creating high-quality content that informs and brings the consumer closer to the brand will ensure ‘earned’ media rather than ‘owned’ media. It also enables brands to take control of their brand perception amongst target audiences.

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