In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing business environment, it is essential for all businesses, large and small, to build and sustain a brand identity. Communicating what sets one’s business apart from others is one of the keys to long-term success. PR practitioners play a crucial role by raising awareness amongst stakeholders, consumers, decision-makers and the media.

At Matrix PR we devise strategic and targeted PR campaigns to deliver tangible results such as strengthening brand awareness, highlighting key messages, raising the visibility of products and services, and positioning of company spokespeople as industry thought leaders.

Key elements of PR practices such as strategic placements in the media, MICE opportunities, press releases and one-on-one interviews are used methodically to capitalize on planned PR coverage and deliver a consistent flow of news and announcements hence keeping the brand in the limelight.

Business and Corporate Portfolio



In an age of endless choices, consumers are bombarded by a glut of lifestyle brands promoting essentially the same products. The primary challenge for any business lies in setting oneself apart from the flock and increase brand loyalty amongst consumers.

At Matrix PR we develop insightful media campaigns and work in tandem with our client’s marketing team to achieve desirable results. Specialized brand communication techniques supported by PR initiatives expand exposure and increase brand awareness. An experienced PR team having sound knowledge of consumer behavior combined with constant internal brainstorming sessions brings about novel initiatives and solutions. This often leads to accelerate a brands’ identity and helps in strong positioning of our clients brands.

Entertainment Portfolio

Fashion Portfolio

Fitness Portfolio



Complete and timely dissemination of information to the financial public like the financial media and regulatory authorities is important in today’s volatile markets.

At Matrix PR our expertise lies in providing strategic counsel and tactical support. We help clients define strategies, shape messages, plan effective communications programs and provide timely analysis vis-a-vis competitors on topics that are of prime importance.

Finance Portfolio



PR support with well-aligned marketing promotions hits the right consumer chord and helps elevate brand presence.

At Matrix PR we build preferences and visibility for our clients and their products through interactive and emerging media initiatives. Our core competency lies in new product launches and repositioning. Our efficient ability in designing innovative and crisp communication material helps achieve exceptional and resonating impact on the minds of the consumer.

Beauty and Cosmetics Portfolio



We understand that in a sensitive industry, like healthcare, science and public health regulatory authority issues impact our clients in this sector.

At Matrix PR we are well equipped to work within the constraints and challenges that are unique to this lateral and explore creative ways to garner desired results. Matrix PR`s key offerings include product launches, sustained awareness programs, and crisis management.

Healthcare Portfolio



The media is filled with stories of when things go wrong with airlines; terrorism, flight disasters, airplane malfunctions, canceled flights and stranded passengers due to bad weather or adverse safety reports to name but a few. PR in the Aviation sector is about more than crisis communication when things go wrong.

At Matrix PR we employ our in-depth knowledge of the industry and our wide network to provide both crisis management expertise in the face of disaster while protecting the brand and its various stakeholders. Aviation PR is not only about transparency, honesty, and accountability when things go wrong, but about knowing how to position the brand with both aviation media and mainstream media for day to day operations. This covers new airline routes and services, additional aircraft, refurbishments of aircraft, earnings reports, media training, and positioning key spokespeople as industry experts in the aviation press and trade publications.

Aviation and Travel Portfolio

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