Public Relations – Still the best ROI for your marketing budget

PR – Still the best ROI for your marketing budget


We often find ourselves defending the great value that PR bestows upon brands to clients, mostly clients who are not very familiar with PR and are believers of spending on advertising and promotional activities.

It is no surprise that the greatest value achieved from any form of communication is the one that gets brands the blessings of “word of mouth”.

When looking for products to buy, places to visit, restaurants to choose, do you really think a glossy advert will help me decide? No way. It is almost guaranteed that your decisions on what to buy and where to spend a weekend will largely depend on the reviews received from peers and those that you trust.

Guy Kawasaki said it best:

“Brands are built on what people are saying about you, not what you are saying about yourself.

People say good things about you when

a) you have a great product and

b) you get people to spread the word about it.”




It only takes believing in your product and its offerings and finding the right PR agency to create a forceful PR strategy that will get you noticed amongst your target audience. From there on, the media community will most likely be getting in touch with you (rather than chasing them) to further help promote your brand.

This brings us back to the ultimate question: would I spend insane amounts of money for one-off advert or rather think of a sustainable long-term publicity program that will position my brand in the limelight and help spread the word?

The answer to this one is rather easy I think.

No one is denying the benefits and value of other forms of communication but the truth is that whilst a promotional campaign can get a brand some form of recognition, it’s important to acknowledge that a cohesive PR strategy is what will convert skeptics to become an end consumer, and ultimately, a fan.




PR informs, educates and adds value by offering reviews, testimonials and by contributing credible opinions.

In a social era infiltrated by connectivity and easy access, the first thing an end consumer does is look for reviews and see what their peers and opinion leaders have to say.

So how can we ignore the impact of a well-crafted PR program and its ROI to brands?



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