Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management


Reputation is different from image or branding for the fact that image can be created, while reputation is an identity that evolves over time.


Reputation Management involves creating a tracking module bearing in mind the individual needs of the business.  The nuances include tracking an entity’s action and other entities’ opinion about those actions, reporting on those actions and opinion; and reacting to that report to create continuous feedback.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)


As Public Relations experts, one of our key roles is to ensure that your company or brand’s image or reputation is favorable. Avoiding negative publicity is the order of the day and the remedy for bad publicity is always well devised and executed.

However, we understand that the internet explosion has given birth to a monster we call social media.  On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Yelp, negative material can be uploaded and shared instantaneously and to a very wide audience.

Transcending the realms of traditional Reputation Management, which was mostly centered around mainstream media, our experience, and expertise, has evolved to encompass a reputation management discipline that is ORM. Matrix is ably equipped to tame this new wave that has forced more businesses to demand an all-inclusive PR strategy to also address threats and opportunities present on the internet.


Online Reputation Management


Our thoroughbred approach towards a holistic service gives importance to both traditional Reputation Management and Online Reputation Management (ORM). They are simply tools to a mutual goal. Both depend heavily on the key messages that are passed on to the target audience through press coverage, media relations, as well as through the brand’s website and social media platforms.


With a PR mandate of your brand to develop all communication material for the company, our ORM plan is interwoven with the  PR plan to run parallel in tone and style of the communication material.


At Matrix, we are also aware that an online attack on a brand’s reputation might show up on various online platforms and it is important that there is uniformity in all responses and actions taken. Hence, we recommend a solid ORM plan as part of a comprehensive PR strategy.


As armed gatekeepers of organizational reputation, at Matrix, PR practitioners are deeply involved in the development of brand and message strategy that also includes ongoing, day-to-day reputation management both online and offline.


We are your key players who will always be at the table when critical reputation management decisions are formulated.


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