Seven Tips to Pitch your PR Story to the Media

Seven Tips to Pitch your PR Story to the Media



As Public Relations professionals, we know that our clients expect us to get media coverage for their story.  While we know that there is a lot more involved than simply pitching PR stories, for many a client, getting coverage is what Public Relations is about!


Of course, that is easier said than done! You might have a perfectly written press release or the most interesting story but if it does not grab an editor’s attention, it is a wasted effort.


So we end up asking, how should I pitch my PR story to the media?


From my experience in PR, I have come across some tips and techniques to enhance coverage and make Public Relations stories more interesting to the media.



Here are some tips to keep in mind when pitching your PR story


  1. Be Relevant

Firstly, the most important thing is always to make your press release “relevant” to the media you are targeting.  You can do this through staying in touch with editors.  Simply ask them what features they are working on and make your list very targeted and specific when sending out releases.



  1. Get to the Point

Be straight to the point and list the most important information upfront. Editors do not have the time to go through each and every single release they receive, they only read the subject, the headline, and the first paragraph and if that does not grab their attention they will not read the rest. Basically, if they don’t find what they are looking for from the first paragraph there is less reason for them to care.



  1. Build Relationships

Pitch your PR story handshake

This cannot be overemphasized, building and strengthening your relationships are keys to your success.  Always remember to keep good relations with the media before you need them.  You can do this is by helping out editors with material needed and content before you ask them for favors.


  1. Expand your Horizons

Don’t limit your focus to print media.  Work on making your story usable by online, social media and even to bloggers.  Use links, videos, and images and reach out to all media channels.



  1. Spot the Trend

Pitch your PR Story

By exploring new trends and working on related stories you can grab the media’s attention and have a higher chance of success. The trick is to know what is trending and what type of media would be interested in the same.


  1. Follow-up

Follow up but do not over-do it. Check if editors received your story and remind them once if needed but never over do it, as doing so may really threaten your relationship with the media.



  1. Never give up!

Pitch your PR story don't give up


If a particular publication never features your stories keep trying, if they don’t now they may do later. Introduce yourself once and invite them to your events and keep pitching.  It’s worth it!



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