Tips To Earn Traffic


1. Brevity

Is the name of the game. People don’t like to read long  social media content and are likely to skip your post or tweet if it is too long. Ensure that your content is brief and impactful, giving out the message in under a minute or reading or viewing time.

2. Visuals

A great visual with good content will definitely attract eyeballs. Ensure that you back up your content with visually appealing images. The sense people use the most is sight when it comes to social media, so ensure you appeal to it primarily.


3. Social 

If you only talk about yourself and what is important to you, you are not being social. Think about your audience and what they would like and interact with them like a friend. Greet, ask and inform them about everything relevant.


4. Optimization

Search Engine Optimization means that your content is easy to find on the internet via a search. Ensure that you have factored in relevant keywords in everything including your content and images.


5. Plan

It is mighty important to have your social media content planned in advance. If you do not have a week’s or month’s content with you ready you are not utilizing the platforms effusively. Plan relevant content and feed it to your audience bit by bit ensuring that the message trickles in steadily.

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