Social Media Trends – A PR edge to branding

Social Media Trends – A PR edge to branding


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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter – have you ever wondered how the social media landscape affects the world? Or how powerful it has become? Who would have thought that these platforms built primarily for information sharing and socializing, will pilot and take over the marketing game for branding and endorsements? They have now become such expansive features that their impact should not be downplayed.



2018 may have just whizzed past but this is what we need to look out for in 2019 when it comes to social media trends:


  • Programmed Advertising:

Like all advertising mediums, there isn’t one channel that reaches all when it comes to social media. 2019 will witness a lot more programmed advertising and information sharing so as to optimize reach to targeted audiences. This also means lowering customer acquisition costs and banking more on conversion.


  • Seeing is believing:

How many of us watched ‘live’ videos on Instagram and Facebook? Almost all of us right? Content is now graduating from print to audiovisual where consumers are provided real and live experiences with products. These live videos are authentic and ephemeral in nature, hence, they are attractive and meaningful to social media users.

PR edge to branding


  • Influencers in abundance:

For those who thought spending time on social media and building a niche identity on it was a waste of time, were in for a shocking surprise with the advent of influencer wave. From Insta-Stars, YouTube-millionaires – you name it and they exist. However, in the whole number game, micro-influencers got lost and were denied limelight. Coming of age, PR practitioners have realized that micro-influencers have a more focussed, dedicated and active following who can get brands across to right audiences. Genuine followers of micro-influencers are going to be the next best thing.


  • Get real:

Yes, get real in terms of everything – time, people as well as experiences. Social Media never sleeps, what else could media and PR ask for? From real-time communication to real-time selling; almost everything can be done seamlessly. Who has the time to wait after all!


  • Create stories:

Social media trends

The audience are no longer passive. They experience, interact and co-create. This possibly is both, the best and worst thing that happened to consumerism. However, there is no escaping it. Millions of Instagram stories are doing the rounds and yet, its potential hasn’t been optimized. How creative marketers and PR practitioners get around it, is for us to wait and see.


Not to forget AI-driven customer personalization, authenticity, transparency, enhanced customer experience and more such features will help us all reach our destination more organically.

So whether it’s the social media bandwagon that we’re banking on or the rise of Social TVs (this calls for another blog altogether!!); PR and ancillary services’ should brace themselves up to effectively identify ways of creating more engaging campaigns.

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