Starting a Blog? Here’s Tips for Bloggers

Tips to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog


Quality Content

Once your content is published and people read it opinions are formed and people will give you feedback especially if they didn’t like what you wrote. It is important to maintain a high standard of content because your content is a reflection on you. It is your brand identity. Take good care of it. That’s the first thing to keep in mind when starting a blog.


Be Creative

Keep your topics fun, relevant and contemporary. Don’t focus too much on what topics to write about but more on what you write about the topics you pick. Get creative with your writing; add wit and comments on hot topics to the content and you will engross your readers. Keep abreast of the latest trends and hashtags and be sure to add them to your content.


Regular Updates

If your frequency of posts is irregular, it will adversely affect the flow of traffic to your blog. It is important that you prepare content in advance whenever possible and at least have posts ready for the next 2 updates in hand. At least blog once a week and when you sit down to write and are in the zone at least whip out 2 articles at a time.


Promote Through Social Media

The easiest way to get traffic to when starting a blog is to share it with people you know through various social media accounts. The biggest disappointment bloggers face is expectations of traffic flow through Google not being met. It takes years usually for the blog to appear and drive traffic through searches on the search engines. Spread the word through your network to start with.


Article Length

With Google’s new metrics system there is additional weightage given to content. It’s not enough to just be creative and original but you also have to ensure that your content is between 1000 – 2000 words and more to gain higher visibility on the search engines. Having said that do not compromise on quality to reach the numbers.

All these tips will help you at starting a blog but remember that you know your target audience the best and your own strengths. Use the knowledge of both these factors to best effect to create your content and your blog will be relevant and popular with your audience.

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