Succession planning in the field of communications and other businesses

The Importance of Succession planning


“In the communications industry, we have a common saying — plan for the worst and hope for the best when creating strategic plans for clients. Ironically, the same applies internally as well.”


I recently wrote an article for Ellevate Network about the importance of Succession Planning and its Vital role in All businesses. I was delighted that HuffPost also published the article.

I would like to summarize the main points in the article that would be essential in the field of communications.

As I mentioned in the article that talent management is a very important process in any organization that wants to progress and grow.  This is because it helps keep organizational attrition rates in control and ensures that employee skill sets are up-to-date. Succession planning is a critical element of the process, but often ignored or not given its due diligence.


The importance of succession planning in the field of communications

In public relations succession planning has a more balanced weightage between strategic advisory, creative thinking and tactical execution. And this is where the reservations continue to exist.

As the communications industry evolved and competition was rife, the specialist tag was worn with aplomb and hence sharing expertise. Knowledge was often compared to letting one’s guard down in the ring or on the battlefield. Mentoring or training a colleague was perceived as a direct threat to the person’s own position. Fast track to 2017, almost 2018, and knowledge-sharing has progressed from a threat to a value-added requirement to a monetized service to a survival necessity.

For any organizational growth, it requires internal processes to ensure that the employees are trained and their skills honed to fill each role within the company.  To further nurture talent is as important as having systems in place to ensure that the job gets done.

Succession planning should be part of your own growth strategy and should not be perceived as an exit route.


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