The Art of Persuasion

The Art of Persuasion


Persuasion skills are both important as well as useful for professionals in all industries. Your ability to influence people not only portrays your personality as a competent negotiator but also helps clients understand how your product can benefit their business.


Though methods used in persuasion are versatile, there are certain key aspects that can help assist any professional to upgrade their skill set.


Gather information

In any professional setting, useful information gathered about colleagues or clients allows you to create a detailed foundation to further discuss common interests. These noted interests give you the tools to strengthen a relationship.  Something as simple as showing interest in their newly purchased device allows you to open a dialogue and slice through any tension with a cheerful moment of pleasant conversation that sets the mood.

Paying attention helps ignite thought process and spark ideas and a chance to obtain different perspectives that see problems in a different light and create alternate solutions. Warm and friendly conversation also improves our skills and understanding of how to communicate more effectively.

Art of persuasion


Strengthen credibility

Awards won or a professional timeline of consistent successes all contribute to your credibility scores when dealing with new people.

When credibility is brought into the foreground, you are supporting your confidence in it. This way you not only establish credentials through mentions of their top-level performance in the past, but you also bring authority into the endorsement. A client will take things forward accordingly.

Maintain a positive relationship

Granting or returning favours shows your interest in maintaining a strong relationship with a colleague or client. A favour need not be something too grand and may be something simple such as offering to get a colleague’s favourite beverage once in a while or even offer feedback on a complex campaign. These favours end up benefiting you because at some point the opposite party might want to return the favour due to your genuine interest in maintaining a strong professional relationship.

Be Consist

Remaining consistent shows how reliable you can be. Being consistent is easy once it becomes a habit and in an industry where deadlines catch up quicker than a cold, it is a most required skill. Also, a client may be more likely or willing to listen to your ideas if you have proven to be a good source in the past.

For those lacking in organisation skills, try planning a day or a week ahead of client briefings, events or any important tasks that need to be covered. One of the reasons consistency is difficult is because the task itself might seem difficult. After a while, the mental weights that are out of shape will smoothen out.

The ability to maintain consistency can also boost your convincing powers as the confidence will soon come naturally. Eventually, you might end up being the go-to person for convincing clients to consider your ideas which benefit both parties.

While these tips are mere bases to work on, the key is to be as genuine as you can as persuasion works best when integrity and honesty are part of the presentation. It is not just about selling an idea, it is about establishing a lasting relationship and there will always be room for improvement.



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