The Art of Storytelling in Entrepreneurship

The Art of Storytelling in Entrepreneurship


Be it PR, Corporate Communications, Advertising or even Marketing; which is the industries’ favorite buzz phrase? Well, it is ‘effective storytelling’!

These two words ring a soothing bell and have been communicators’ favorite since the inception of various communication service laterals. But as the industry thrived and led ways to newer business avenues, ‘effective storytelling’ honed its context to mean a strategic drive to convert inquiries into sales. One such business avenue that is going to be bullish even in 2019 is Entrepreneurship and budding businessmen now need to add the ‘Art of Storytelling’ to market their novel prodigies.


art of storytelling in entrepreneurship


Storytelling may be an art but to make it effective, there is science behind it. It should drive results in terms of brand recall as well as sales and therefore a good story should be a strategic one to realize success for entrepreneurs. For the ‘How’s’ of it, take a look –


Make it yours:

  • We live in a world where stories float all around us. What matters is, how they personally affect us. With stories, we learn to trust and that’s the key when it comes to tapping into a new audience. If you have an existing product, then focus on its niche areas. Present a better solution to your consumers and weave content that’s targeted, crisp and resonates clearly within the scope of your brand.


New to Novelty:

  • If you are dealing with innovation, then you are here to establish change and have greater scope for creativity. By nature, human beings are averse to change and therefore your story needs to unfold sensibly. It would help to make your communique more educational, comforting and compelling.


Be the change:

  • When an entrepreneur offers something completely offbeat, he has a challenge in reaching out to his target audience. It is imperative for him/her to make the story edgy and persuasive. Exceptionally crisp and comprehensible language plays an important role when you have something new to give.


Be persistent:



  • Also, the art of brand storytelling has to be continuous and entrepreneurs need to be persistent at it. It helps to organize it consciously, bearing in mind the different channels of communication available today. Websites, videos and social media content; all of it needs to be aligned within your key message whilst being organic and terrifically creative.


Are you a good listener:

  • What is storytelling all about without the art of listening? Hear what your audience need, do your homework thoroughly before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. Invoke the emotions of your audience when you create your brand story. Brand stories with an emotional quotient proved to be one of the most effective ones. Stay true to your brand as well as the audience, and there you have a winning brand story!


Go ahead, weave your ‘effective storytelling’ and play a communications’ game that will compel your audience to remember you as well as your creation.



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