The Future of Public Relations

The Future of Public Relations


Look anywhere in the news these days and you’ll read about the latest updates in Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology.

Although, this emerging technology is scary for some people, as communications professionals, it’s important to consider the future of communicating and how we must adapt in accordance to change.

VR headsets, open source gaming, QR advertising and messenger marketing are just a few examples of areas that are now fair game for reaching audiences as we work in the public relations and communications industry.


 Are we ready to adapt to change?

Of course, we need to seriously consider all areas within which people are adapting their personal communication in order to do our clients justice when broadcasting their messages and listening to their audiences.

the future of public relations


Consider all areas of communications and what works best for your client…


Artificial Intelligence:

A.I is already at play in a lot of areas across the PR and communications industry. These include scheduling messages, automating responses and creating content from a list of pre-defined sources. Artificial Intelligence is helping agencies work on the smaller jobs whilst PR professionals work on strategy and brand development.

All PR agencies must put a key focus on how A.I can streamline communication and help people do their jobs better as they look toward the future.


Digital Storytelling:

Agencies use digital storytelling to engage with audiences. Also, it let customers and prospects get to know the people behind your company. What are your passions and struggles? What distinguishes you from your competitors?

Use this narrative to keep prospects engaged and informed about the ins and outs of your company.


Social Listening:

With many applications and programs available online such as Hootsuite and Mention, agencies can be on top of brand mentions.

social listening

Finally, as time progresses, it’s important to harness these listening tools and show both clients and the public that you have your finger on the pulse in every aspect of things that will impact or change your industry.


Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality isn’t just for gamers and movie lovers, it’s a huge opportunity for companies and brands to harness technology, tell stories, and engage with their audiences.

VR technology has given us longer engagement as people become fully immersed in what they’re viewing, increased trust, and deeper emotional engagement.

virtual reality

Brands and PR companies alike should align their digital strategy to consider the options and advantages of VR.  Also, find out what can the VR offer their clients in the not too distant future.


Specialist PR:

Does your agency specializes in a certain area of niche? Or excel by employing experts within this area from across the globe?

More and more companies are seeking out specialist PR as they strive to reach the goals and become the best within their industry.

Many agencies are narrowing down their offering to a specific area that they know they are the best at achieving results for their clients.


Do you lead your market space?

On top of emerging technology, many businesses are now expecting analytical reporting on all aspects of PR as standard.

Do you use the best social, email and web analytical tools to offer fair reports you your clients? Do you use these results to sit down with clients and shape future strategies?


The future’s full of wonderful technology and this is just the beginning!


This article appeared first in Khaleej Times




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