TIME MANAGEMENT: For Fast Paced PR Environment


For A Fast Paced PR Environment

Excellent time management is a skill that all PR Professionals need to master in order to stay ahead of the game and be able to promptly deliver client’s needs and anticipate their business objectives and agendas.

My goal every morning is to have an efficient time management as I possibly could. I am yet to perfect it but my strategy is to make it a work-in-progress plan.

Here are few baby steps that I believe will go a long way in giving you power to master the art of time management.

1) Write everything down. That means, every work related thought or note must be written down immediately!!! You got to carry your diary or note book wherever you go. I carry mine in my bag everywhere. So often ideas or thoughts cross your mind when we least expect it. But most importantly you ought to keep all your notes in ONE PLACE.

2) Organized To Do List. This is a skill that will give the efficiency in scanning through what you need to be done in a timely manner. A scribbled to do list can cause havoc in figuring out what needs to be done when. On the other hand, an organized list which has dates and timings will tell you what to do when and will help you prioritize your tasks.

3) Take a raincheck. Procrastination is not an option. Tasks of a typical day can be so varied and overlapping at the same time, that ignoring or putting one task on hold can disservice other tasks. The key is to act promptly, and start ahead with your tasks and thoughts. PR is so unique as it is extremely unpredictable; task lists could be thrown out the window in a moment’s notice with an unhappy client or a story that did not get enough coverage.

4) Have an interest. I always believed that once you have an interest about something, you simply want to give it your best and deliver competently.

5) Keep Calm. In a very fast paced industry like PR, its imperative to keep your cool otherwise pressure outshine your thinking process and might distract the direction of your day.

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