Timely Action for Time Management

Timely Action for Time Management


‘I’ve enough time on hand’, said no one; not even the most successful personalities around.

We all have just 24 hours a day to manage our deadlines but there are some organized few who not just accomplish their pre-planned schedules on time but also enjoy high productivity levels.


Here are a few cues we should be taking from them:

  • Don’t treat Time Management as a peripheral activity of your routine. Time is irreplaceable. As they say, time is gold. It’s a driving force that, if managed well, can take you to a secure and successful future.


  • Never put away your hardest task for last. Something that’s difficult to get through needs your attention and fervor. Doing the toughest task first thing in the day allows you the time to do it neatly and satisfactorily.


  • Never procrastinate tough jobs. The more you sit on it, all the more it gets tougher in the course of the day. Avoiding them does no good and in fact, eats up your productivity space. To be successful and effective, discipline yourself to take on the most challenging tasks first.


  • Avoid time loss in discussions and execution meets. There’s no better way of dealing with the task than by actually doing it. Whether it needs individual input or team contribution, the only solution is to manage or co-manage it well. Train yourself to chase it continuously until done.


  • Stop piling up work and develop a sense of urgency in your routine. Smaller tasks should be finished almost immediately. In a fast-paced corporate life, a lot of your success quotient depends on your ability to complete tasks successfully. Develop a reputation for speed and dependability.


  • Get into a habit of penning To-Do list for the day, no matter how trivial it may seem. In the course of your day, avoid distractions like social media and avoidable phone calls. Habituate yourself to plan a day in advance. This helps you in training your mind for a fruitful next day.


  • Declutter in all aspects of your schedule. Be it your desk, mind and even social contacts. It does you a lot more good than you may think.


Finally, relax and meditate; be calm and save time!



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