Tips for Better Media Relations

Media Relations – tips to always follow


Media Relations will always be a crucial part of public relations and communications.

The goal is to communicate a client’s message, story or information using the right media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio and other digital platforms.

Below are a handful of tips your media outreach should always follow.


Gain Credibility

Credibility is something that is earned over time and a PR professional’s credibility is the foundation of their relationship with the media. A journalist needs to see and trust that you have the knowledge, skill and information to add to their story. With a relationship established, and some credibility built up, you can make your pitch and know that it’ll be heard.


Be Newsworthy

Media Relations is not about spreading the word as far as possible but rather about presenting the right message to the right people. To be newsworthy, you must be relevant. A newsworthy story is one that is interesting enough to warrant publishing hence it’s essential to understand what reporters consider newsworthy. Your pitch has to cater to the specific interests and informational needs of the target audience.


Keep It Simple

A good press release or pitch email should provide answers to those five W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Send accurate and relevant pitches and eliminate clutter as this makes it easier for the reader to connect with your message.


Build a Strong Relationship

Take advantage of opportunities to nurture a positive and strong relationship with the media.  One of the main keys to obtaining publicity in the media is to be accessible. Become a valued resource to journalists and go above and beyond the usual expectations.



A strong media relationship can lead to you becoming the go-to person in your industry or area of expertise!


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