Tips for Better Social Media Management

Tips to Help Achieve Better Results from Social Media


Many companies now view social media marketing as an integral part of their content marketing strategy.


Sadly, many who have ventured into social media management are not seeing the results they had hoped for.


Do you want to improve the results you get from your social media efforts?


Here are some quick tips to help:


Social Media Strategy

A strategy helps to keep you focused on creating and sharing content relevant to your community.



Make sure that your content is good enough so that your community will want to share it.


Engage and Interact

Don’t ignore your audience, respond to their questions and comments.



Set aside time each day to check your social profiles and to engage with your audience.


Social Media Plan

It takes time and effort to create quality content to share with your community.  It is a good idea to create a social media plan.

The social media plan should include a timetable that lists how often the brand should publish posts on each social media channel, what type of content should be posted and when.



It is essential to develop a routine posting schedule and be consistent with it.

This will help the brand to stay on top and not get lost and forgotten amongst its competitors.


Use of Images

According to social media examiner, photos are the most popular type of social media content for engagement. They get the most shares on Facebook and the most retweets on Twitter.

Therefore, use of good and relevant images across social media platforms.  This will help the brand reach wider audiences.


Measure your Efforts

For successful social media management, it is very important to measure the efforts and understand what is doing well and what is not.


Some key aspects of social media monitoring include:

  • Reach and engagement on Facebook
  • Impressions, retweets, and mentions on Twitter
  • Likes, comments, and reposts on Instagram
  • +1’s, shares and comments on Google+
  • Comments, likes, and views on Youtube


Tracking these on a weekly and monthly basis will help in understanding what kind of content is doing well and if there is a need to change your social media strategy.


Analyze and Track Competitors

Looking at the kind of content other brands post, who they follow, how often they post, etc. will help in a deeper understanding of your audience as well as in generating new ideas to reach your audience effectively.


Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to expand reach on social media organically. Researching popular hashtags to use with your posts.



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