Tips for businesses looking to engage an influencer

Tips for businesses looking to engage an influencer


Influencer marketing is increasingly being used to connect brands with customers.

The influx of marketing dollars towards influencer marketing is as a result of businesses seeking out new and effective distribution methods to reach targeted audiences.

businesses looking to engage an influencer

Customers are increasingly becoming blind to billboards and deaf to commercials.

Marketers have since come to realize that the best way to gain customer trust is by aligning with somebody they already trust.

Of course, each influencer is an individual and uniquely different from other influencers.

It is, therefore, important to align your brand’s message with the influencers’ motivations.

Here are tips on what to do before engaging an influencer:


tips for businesses looking to engage an influencer

It is important to do your research thoroughly before pitching to a whole bunch of influencers. Find out what drives them. Are they doing it purely for commercial reasons or are they passionate about that particular subject or industry?



Relevance is key.

influencer marketing

It is better to reach out to a smaller, relevant audience rather than mass reach to the wrong audience.

Be realistic.

When approaching an influencer, always show respect for their work, time and effort.

Be creative.

Don’t be stingy with your ideas. Feel free to throw as many ideas as possible but also be ready and open to feedback from the influencer.



Measure success.

Ensure that you know the metrics you want to measure before you sign off on the campaign.

tips for businesses looking to engage an influencer

Remember, consumers have now become self-sufficient. They are now researching more about a brand on their own and would prefer hearing about it from someone they follow and trust.




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