Tips on how to become an influencer

Tips on how to become an influencer


Who is an influencer? An influencer can be defined as a person whose opinion about something is highly considered as an endorsement by other people.

An influencer is basically someone who is in-the-know – a well-connected person who is highly sought after for their advice, direction, and knowledge.

influencer marketing

An influencer can either be a person or a brand as long as it can shape the way people perceive them or the subject they are talking about at any particular time.

Many businesses and brands are increasingly using influencers to build and reinforce their marketing efforts. This is known as influencer marketing.

According to AdWeek, 75% of marketers are using influencers after having realized the power of connecting with social media influencers.

Oh, influencers have also been known to make a lot of money. So, having said that, how does one become an influencer?


Here are some tips to get you started:


Be in-the-know

In order to stay up-to-date with what’s going on around you and the world, you will need to study news, blogs, expert opinions and case studies published or shared by other people (or trusted sources) in your industry.

Additionally, to position yourself as an influencer, you need to demonstrate that you’re always aware of the latest news.


Write and publish consistently

This cannot be stressed enough. Set a target for yourself and stick to it. Whether it’s a weekly or bi-weekly blog post – just make sure you make it happen. And if by any chance you seem to run out of content, you can invite other influencers as guest writers or even run a joint promotion and share it in both websites.


Be seen

Take part in other relevant conversations across networks whenever possible. Over and above tweeting, sharing and liking, make a point to leave expert opinions as one way of sharing your knowledge. This will make you stand out as an influencer.


Create quality content

You don’t become a social media influencer by simply tweeting your opinions. Create content that has substance – content that people will find useful and interesting. Undoubtedly, when people feel motivated, they will follow you and even sign up to your mailing list.


Be available

Don’t be stingy. Look for opportunities where you can offer to write articles for publications that are inline with your industry. Make sure your contact details are easy to find as well. Also, offer yourself for interviews.

Once you get started on your journey to becoming an influencer, make sure you keep assessing your actions and connections with tools such as Hootsuite and Nimble.




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