Top 5 time-wasters on Social Media

Top Social Media Time-Wasters



In previous articles, we have highlighted tips for better social media management and how to avoid social media mistakes. Even as social media managers continue to grapple with challenging and time-consuming tasks that come with social media management, saving time in the process can be rewarding.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways that your time is wasted and most of the time you are not actually aware of it – well, until now.

In fact,  if you carefully analyze how you spend your time performing tasks vis-à-vis the expected outcome you should be able to identify specific areas that contribute to time wasting.

According to Buffer, social media shouldn’t be a time waster; it should be a moneymaker. Here are some of the areas and ways that time gets wasted:


Not knowing what functions to do:

social media times-wasters

Some social media managers spend so much time trying to find out what to do and when. This could simply be because they haven’t cultivated a simple routine such as using a ‘Check-List’.

Instead of wasting time doing things haphazardly, prepare a daily/weekly/monthly to-do list.  You can even prioritize it with actions that have the highest ROI being among the first on the list.


Unable to find good content:

social media time-wasters

Social media managers spend over 1.3 hours per week trying to find content to post from various sources. Here time is wasted if you are looking for content in the wrong places.

Instead, you can use your time a lot more efficiently if you have narrowed down a manageable list of reliable sources you can quickly tap into.


Learning to use social media platforms:

social media platform

Indeed, social media is a continuous learning process – no arguments there. However, don’t get distracted trying to learn too many platforms in one go.

First, become an expert on the platforms that are needed for the success of your social media plan to minimize if not to avoid social media mistakes.  The more expertly you use the key platforms the more efficient you will be.  Once you have mastered the key platforms move onto new platforms so as to stay abreast of the ever-changing social media landscape.


Spying on the competition:

social media mistakes

Time spent on trying to figure out what the competition is doing accounts for approximately 1.25 hours per week.

Time spent on this activity can be reduced by identifying direct competitors instead of looking at everyone in your industry.


Responding to comments and queries:

social media time-wasters

Whilst this is an important activity in social media management, most managers find themselves getting bogged down in this process.

However, delegating this particular function to a customer service team member can save you a lot of valuable time.


Do you know of any other time-wasters or social media mistakes to avoid?


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