Use content to grow your social media community

Use content to grow your Social Media Community



Brands and businesses are now doubling their marketing efforts towards boosting their social media fan base.

In fact, social media community engagement has become one of the most sought-after targets among most social media managers and marketers alike.

Savvy social media marketers realize that vanity metrics like the number of Facebook Likes, Twitter, and Instagram followers is not the best way of measuring the success of your social media campaigns.

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Sadly, some have been lured into the unethical practice of buying fake Likes and Follows.  Recent reports have exposed just widespread this practice has been.

Don’t fall into this trap!





If your goal is to build a community you are better off doing it organically through good content.


How do you grow social media community?

Below are a few tips that can be incorporated into a social media strategy that will help in growing your social media community.


Use Contests



Use contests whenever you can. Fans and followers love contest and are more likely to engage, share and even recommend your website, Facebook or Instagram pages to their friends and family whenever they participate in an interesting contest.


Use Hashtags


social media engagement


Say it with hashtags. Use of hashtags cannot be stressed enough. These, however, need to be relevant to your brand for them to work to your brand’s advantage. Over and above growing your brand’s audience, Hashtags are also useful in growing interaction between your followers and the brand.




social media engagement


Blogging continues to be a valuable way to provide relevant and useful content to your community.  Established brands and start-ups alike can build a social community through strategic content marketing. However, for this tactic to work, it needs to be consistent. You need to post quality blogs on a regular basis.

Additionally, a tool such as SUMO is valuable to help grow your email list.


Photos and images


photo sharing

Let’s face it. visuals are more powerful and convincing than plain text. It’s no wonder that photos and images are a favorite for social media users. Such content generates a lot of interest and is more likely to be Shared and Liked whenever they are posted.

Additionally, use Infographics whenever possible as well.


Post your content consistently


be consistent


Develop a posting schedule and stick to it.

TIP: If you don’t have original content to post at any point, you can always find relevant content to share and retweet by following people with similar interests as your business.

Here is a link to a handy social media checklist.



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