Want to boost your social media engagement? Try Emojis

Want to boost your social media engagement? Try Emojis


Thanks to social media, customers can now reach companies and brands they want to engage with. This has given social media managers a golden opportunity to position their brands exactly where they want to be and of course, where the people are.

We all know that good content is essential for a social media campaign, but engagement is even more important.  With over 1.82 million social media users worldwide, social media managers have been trying to outshine each other when it comes to increasing engagement.


boost your social media engagement


Audience engagement determines the success of any social media campaign and definitely, it’s not a walk in the park. It can be both difficult and expensive.

One survey says that 42% of customers who reach out to brands on social media expect a response within an hour. This goes to show that the level of expectation from customers on social media is something that be taken seriously.

Having said that, did you know that you can increase the engagement rate without necessarily breaking the bank?


One unorthodox way to increase engagement is, wait for it…. Emojis.

This one tactic does raise an eyebrow but when used well, it can improve the engagement level considerably. Emojis allow customers to communicate with each other effectively more than words can say.

Emojis form an emotional connection with the customer when used as part of the content– something words struggle with most of the time. It can also help add emotion to your content.

Think about it. People are bombarded with words on a daily basis. Thus, when social media space is at premium, Emojis give your messages that needed emotion making it easier to resonate with.


Tips on Using  Emojis…

Remember, always use Emojis correctly. Use the right emoji for the right message to avoid misrepresentation as this can backfire and impact negatively on your online reputation.

boost your social media engagement


You can use the flag Emojis to appeal to the residents for posts meant for different countries. Or say “thank you” to a customer by using ‘thumbs up’ emoji.

With a wide selection of Emojis available on almost all operating systems and social networks, it is almost impossible to disregard it. Also, text only content is declining as social media managers turn to images, memes and videos to deliver messages.



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