When to hire a PR Agency

When to hire a Public Relations Agency


Everyone needs Public Relation services and all business owners would love to be in the limelight of the media landscape. Whilst this might sound cynical, yet it is partially true.

I think we can all agree that, if executed and crafted well, PR can do wonders for a business. Logically thinking, every business objective, if articulated and defined soundly, can be achieved by a specific set of tools and so in many cases, PR might or might not be the answer. So it’s vital to know what type of communication will suit your business needs.

Deciding when to engage in PR entirely depends on what business objectives need to be attained. PR is a tool that will give your business a voice to reach out to media and the public audience.

This voice will be the building blocks of creating sustainable brand recall amongst the targeted audience and helping the brand to establish a connection with the media. That connection is ultimately the reason why media will prefer featuring your business and stories versus other businesses that are less known to them.

Whilst the benefits of PR are vast and rewarding, yet embarking on your PR journey has to be timed well. There is no point in engaging in PR when businesses are unable to continue to build on the momentum with its audience – media and public target audience alike.


Have a Budget

Firstly, dedicating a budget and resources for a proper PR strategy is key. If you are unable to forecast a decent budget to see you through a proper PR strategy with tangible longevity, then you probably won’t benefit from sustainable results.


Know your Story

Secondly and most importantly, it’s crucial to time your PR engagements when you have a strategic story to tell. Creating a central message and brand identity is key in communicating a consistently focused message which is basically what “PR story” telling is all about.


Make it Newsworthy

Additionally, it’s equally important to ensure that your business is able to generate ongoing news that is “newsworthy”. Whilst companies might have stories to tell during a product launch or a new investment project, they sometimes find themselves struggling to generate content that is relevant and interesting for the media to pick up.


Customer Experience is Key

Another area to evaluate before going ahead with any PR plans is ensuring that your business proposition, be it product or service, is perfectly designed for a 100% satisfactory customer experience. You don’t want to create a positive image about your business and promote its offering while not being confident that you are able to deliver customer satisfaction. Remember, the first impression is usually what matters the most.


Are you ready to hire a PR Agency?  Find out why Matrix PR might just be the best PR Agency for your business.



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