Why and How to Encourage Your Team to Contribute to Your Blog

Encourage Your Team to Contribute to Your Blog



Why Team Involvement is Essential to Your Blog


For many small businesses, the responsibility for the company blog is often left up to one individual.   For that person, regularly creating valuable content for the company blog can feel like a constant struggle.  It can be overwhelming for a sole content creator considering the amount of time and effort you have to invest.


Many small businesses underestimate the value of soliciting support from their team in creating content for their company blog.  In addition, knowing what you need from your team and being able to get it are two different things.






Are you struggling to get support from your team in contributing to your business blog?

From creating a content plan to producing the actual content takes a lot of time.

Here are some tactics that will help to encourage your team to contribute to the content creation of your blog.

It is important for each team member to understand the impact of their contribution.  Having content created by team members will add value and credibility to your organization.

It is important to clearly lay out the expectations while also making it a rewarding experience.



Tactics to get your team involved in content creation




Your entire team needs to understand the purpose of and feel responsible for content creation. The best teams all take ownership in content creation. If you have analytics and data to back up your claims, use them!


Voice and Specialties:

Work with each team member to find an area of specialty they can focus their creation around. Each one has a different voice but all posts should be built upon the same broad foundation. Encourage each person to carve out their own niche within the larger purpose of the blog.


Assign Topics:

You start by assigning blog post topics. The more structure you can give the better. As team members get comfortable, you can and should give them more freedom, but remember, you are the one directing the overall strategy.


Trial and Error

It might take some trial and error in finding a content creation strategy that is a good fit for your team.  Putting extra effort into providing all responsible team members a sense of ownership and a roadmap for action when it comes to content creation will go far in executing an effective content marketing strategy.


The most effective communications plans don’t just live within the communications or marketing departments, they extend company-wide and work symbiotically within all parts of the organization. Content creation is just one part of that process.



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