Why influencer marketing is good for your brand

Why influencer marketing is good for your brand


These are exciting times for many marketers. Social media has now exposed marketers to new and effective ways to connect with customers. In fact, more companies are now inflating their budget allocation towards social media and especially influencer marketing.

Confidence in influencer marketing is at an all time high. With 47% of marketers now considering the strategy as “very effective”, this is a clear indication that it has become a favorite tactic among marketers.

According to The Social Media Revolution, user generated social posts account for 25 percent of search results for the world’s top 20 brands.



So why is influencer marketing good for your brand?


Influencer marketing increases brand awareness It introduces your brand and products to new audiences. It also increase brand visibility in the marketplace.


Teaching tool (tutorials) It is an effective tool to showcase products that are difficult to use.


Increases SEO - Apart from improving sales, influencer marketing also helps your search engine rankings. This is through linking popular sites to yours.

influencer marketing


Influencer marketing can also build and reinforce your brand online.


Grow social following influencers can help grow a brand’s social following significantly. People have a weakness of following brands that influencers follow.

Damage control effectively use influencers to help dilute or even reverse negative opinions and reviews.

Improve sales This is as a result of positive reviews and endorsements. Consumers tend to patronize the products or services being endorsed by influencers they are following.

Influencer marketing

Build trust content created for the customer is trustworthy than branded content. It is important to highlight that the content will have value to them.

Even after the end of the influencers paid project, most of them continue to endorse and speak about the brand.



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